What is the refund/return policy for Custom-Made outfits?

We don't offer return/refund since the process is very transparent & the clients themselves choose every small detail. If the client, for some reason, is dissatisfied with the initial process of sketch and fabric sampling, they have the option to make minor changes to the sketch/options. Deposit is applicable to only one outfit style and has to be used within 30 days. No Cancellations or modification are applicable once the order is confirmed.

What is the refund/return policy for Ready to Wear outfits?

We don't offer return/refund. Cancellations are not applicable once the order is confirmed.

Who is responsible for customs/duties levied?

Customer is responsible for any customs/duties levied by the local authorities.

What if the order is delayed?

Custumise has a proven track record of delivering orders ahead of time. However, if the delay happens due to factors beyond our control, we will not be responsible in such cases. Examples of such cases but not limited to these are lockdowns imposed by the government due to any health or pandemic reasons, delayed measurements given by client, shipment delayed due to carrier issues, or delay caused due to custom clearance.

We endeavor to work with you and make sure you get your outfit on time.

Ownership of Designs and images.

The design sketches, product images including all outfit images, and any other drawings, specifications, designs, plans and other documents, prepared by Custumise shall be deemed property of Custumise. Neither the client, nor any other party, shall own or claim a copyright in such designs and images, and Custumise shall be deemed the author of them and will retain all common law, statutory and other reserved rights, in addition to the copyright. The client will not distribute designs or outfit images furnished by Custumise during or after the entire process to any other party including for production of such outfits by party other than Custumise. Custumise is free to use the design images and outfit images as it sees fit and maintains full ownership of same.